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Welcome to Sangha Yoga Shala, located in beautiful Tamborine Mountain. The word 'sangha' means community, a name that reflects the way of life embraced on this gorgeous mountain we call home. Yoga sangha is powerful. Through connection to others, the learning process is hastened, boundaries break down and  true spiritual practice can unfold. 
Our vision is to  provide a home for practitioners to balance the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of their lives.



Our Approach

We teach a dynamic form of yoga, evolved from the original teachings of Hatha Vinyasa Yoga and combined with a modern-day focus on correct alignment to ensure it is safe and accessible for practitioners at every level. We fiercely believe in the transformative power of regular practice. While people often first come to yoga to develop strength and flexibility, this is only the beginning! Yoga holds so much more for us than just the physical. While the practice builds great physical power, of equal importance is its ability to support our mental resilience and awaken our compassionate hearts, calling us to live ever more authentically and consciously. Yoga helps us navigate the balance between the material and spiritual worlds, connect with our core, stay in our power and acknowledge the light within. We infuse each class with Yogic philosophy, encouraging students to create a deep inner practice of self-awareness and enabling them to feel a sense of connection to the divine power that rests in us all. 
Our classes find their roots in traditional Ashtanga Yoga, as taught in Mysore, India by R. Sharath Jois.


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Our Classes - explained

Yin Yoga

Balance the energy in your body and go deep with Yin! Suitable for almost any level of student, Yin is the perfect complement to dynamic and muscular (yang) yoga styles that create internal heat and lengthen and contract muscles. Yin targets the connective tissues in the body- fascia, ligaments, bones and joints. Poses are held for longer durations as it is sustained, gentle pressure that coaxes these tissues to strengthen. If you're new to yoga, this is a great way to ease in. If you're an Ashtangi or Vinyasa practitioner, here is the missing piece of your asana practice! Our Yin and Vin Yin classes are the ones to book if you would like to dive in to this restorative practice!

Ashtanga Yoga

Intended to be a daily practice, this powerful, healing style of yoga is a specific sequence of postures (asanas) linking breath (pranayama) and movement (vinyasa.) Ashtanga is an athletic flow combining strength, flexibility and stamina for a complete practice. You can get your Ashtanga fix in our Functional Ashtanga and General classes.

Getting in touch is the first step on the path towards a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Vinyasa Yoga

A strong, flowing practice that explores expansion and contraction to help us find the middle path. Students will focus on linking conscious breath with vigorous and mindful movement. Vinyasa means 'to place in a special way', and this style of yoga helps us cultivate an awareness that links each action to the next - on the mat and in our lives.  A regular vinyasa practice builds strength, flexibility and concentration while cleansing the body and calming the mind. Our Creative Flow, Vinyasa Flow and Strong Slow Flow classes are all Vinyasa-based, while our VinYin class is half Vinyasa and half Yin.


"The best thing to hold onto in life is each other"

- Audrey Hepburn

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